A user generally takes a paid plan so as to access the features that come along with it. Some features of the platform are free and some features require a paid subscription. The plan charges and the features included with each plan can be seen on the profile page here https://web.sensibull.com/profile

Sharing here the plans we have along with their features.

Free Plan = Expert Trades (Free Trades only) + Option Chain + Stock Results and Events Calendar + MF Plus Beta + Stock Data

Lite Paid Plan = All Free Features + Easy Options + Virtual Trading + Strategies Wizard + Options Screener+ FII DII Buy Sell Data + Positions (Grouping)

Pro Paid Plan = Lite Features + Custom Strategy Builder + USD INR Currency Options (only on Zerodha, MOFSL and 5Paisa) + Open Interest Analysis + Multi Strike OI + Option Price Calculator + IV Chart + Analyze + Technical Signals

A monthly premium plan of a Research Analyst (RA) has to be taken for premium trades of that RA on Expert Trades feature.