Sensibull is India’s first and largest options trading platform. Sensibull was set up with the aim of making retail traders profitable in India. 

Sensibull offers tools for all options traders - beginners to pros. Sensibull lets you: 

  1. Trade options just by guessing the market direction with Easy Options

  2. Trade the best options strategies with a few clicks with Strategy Wizard 

  3. Learn and practice options trading with Virtual Portfolios

  4. Create and Analyse custom strategies with Strategy Builder 

  5. Predict Market moves with 

    1. Live Options Charts 

    2. Multi Straddle-Strangle Charts

    3. Open Interest

    4. MultiStrike OI

    5. FII DII Data

  6. Trade options with our real-time Option Chain

  7. Take better trading decisions using our Positions Page

  8. Share your Verified P&L 

  9. Set real-time price and P&L Alerts on WhatsApp 

  10. Learn trading with Sensibull 

  11. Find great trades with 

    1. Screener 

    2. Technical Signals 

    3. Stock Data

  12. Keep track of market events using the Stock Market Calendar

  13. Predict Options Prices using Price Calculator 

  14. Enjoy free Daily Market Analysis

  15. Keep track of options using Watchlist

You can watch the demo video for all of our top features right here: 

Platform Demo:

Easy Options:

Strategy Wizard:


Strategy Builder:

Option Chain:

Open Interest Analysis:
Multi Strike OI:

FII DII Buy Sell Data:

Positions Page:

Verified P&L:

Alerts Page:

Live Options Charts:

Multi Straddle Charts: